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Herd Sires
Excell Santa Gertrudis is proud to offer you some of the best genetics through our Herd Sires. Please call us for Semen or herd sire opportunities, and thank you for your interest in Excell Santa Gertrudis.
XL Hanna’s Red Hot 517 ET
Registration Number: 1253486
Date of Birth: May 25, 2005
conventional and sexed semen are available for sale

  Wendt Geronimo 3983
Sire: mr cvf 2022
  Briggs 003/99
  Stormin' Norman 73/0
Dam: scc hanna 2S23
  Five Oaks 103/6

Sired by: XL Hanna’s Red Hot 517 ET Sired by: XL Hanna’s Red Hot 517 ET Sired by: XL Hanna’s Red Hot 517 ET
XL Midas 355
Registration Number: 20132473
Date of Birth: September 10, 2013
Conventional semen for sale

  Mr CVF 2022
Sire: XL HANNA'S RED HOT 517 (ET) 517 
  SCC Hanna 2S23
  Magnum 357
Dam: HDHF MAGNUM 6014 (ET) 6014
  Hunt's DHF Miss Carley 243

Sired by: XL Midas 355    
XL Kazaam 890
Registration Number: 20185309
Date of Birth: September 25, 2018

  Magnum 357
  Miss Grandview 21
  XL Hanna's Red Hot 517 (ET) 517
  HCC 901

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