Herd Sires

Our herd sires are a culmination of the best females owned by Excell Santa Gertrudis of past and present. These sires represent years of selective breeding of the finest Santa Gertrudis show cattle generation after generation. We currently use sires produced in-herd for clean up and natural service on our females following Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer. Using sires produced in-herd allows for greater consistency and prediction of desired traits the mating will produce.

XL Hanna’s Red Hot 517 ET

Registration Number: 1253486
Date of Birth: May 25, 2005
Sire: Mr CVF 2022
Dam: SCC Hanna 2S23

XL Hanna’s Red Hot 517 can be found in the pedigree of over sixty percent of the females in the Excell Santa Gertrudis herd. As a direct embryo transfer son of Mr. CVF 2022 and 2004 Jr. National Champion female SCC Hanna 2S23, Red Hot 517 remains the last direct and closest progeny of SCC Hanna 2S23. Although Red Hot 517 is no longer with us we continue production of his progeny using Sexing Technologies Heifer Sexed and conventional semen to produce heifers and bull calves for replacement and show.



XL Midas 355

Registration Number: 20132473
Date of Birth: September 10, 2013
Sire: XL Hanna's Red Hot 517 (ET) 517
Dam: HDHF Magnum 6014 (ET) 6014

XL Midas 355 is currently our senior herd sire and produces many of the show cattle on the road for us today. Midas is an XL Hanna’s Red Hot 517 (ET) 517 son out our premier and most successful donor female HDHF Magnum 6014 (ET) 6014 who herself was an Embryo Transfer daughter of two time National Champion 5-E Magnum 357. Midas is the most consistent and predictable sire of show cattle we have ever owned. He truly stamps his calves with the same show look and genetic potential he achieved through selective breeding of his sire and dam. Midas 355 semen has been sold around the country and many of his daughters are now in production for their respective owners.


We continue our endless refinement by crossing XL Hannas Red Hot 517 and XL Midas 355 on the best outcross purebred Santa Gertrudis females for the next generation of proven and predictable herd sires. Contact Us for semen on either of these great sires or your next replacement bull.


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